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Hi there!

I’m Julie Montagu and this is my exclusive community, Whole Self Members. Every month, here at Mapperton, our family home, I’ll be creating fantastic wellbeing tips, yoga sequences, podcasts and more on a huge range of topics. Here’s the honest truth: It is within your power to live the healthy, happy life that you want.

No matter your age, no matter how busy you are or no matter how tired you may be, all it takes is a desire to change and a few minutes each day. Whole Self is a membership community where you can find yoga, meditation, lifestyle and nutrition inspiration at your fingertips.

About Mapperton

Mapperton, The Nation’s Finest Manor House, is a glorious sandstone 500-year-old home and romantic valley garden deep in a lost Dorset Combe among tumbling hills and unspoilt countryside. 15 acres of gardens descend from the croquet lawn, through the formal topiary, down to the wild garden.

Julie Montagu at Mapperton House
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Access from anywhere in the world, on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Join Whole Self Members and access a library of over 300 videos, including yoga and meditation for all levels, without ads. Connect with a one-of-a-kind global community, and receive monthly membership vlogs from Julie here at Mapperton.

Preview the content already available
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As a Whole Self member, each themed month will include:

Yoga videos

filmed at Britain’s Finest Manor House – Mapperton, to help you focus on bringing movement into your daily life.

Wellbeing podcast

keeping you up-to-date on the latest trends and advice.

Mindful Compassion meditation

to keep you grounded, calm and find space between your thoughts.

Journaling exercise

to help you live your powerful and purposeful life.

A private Facebook Group

which you can turn to each day for support, advice and encouragement.

Mapperton vlogs

exclusive behind-the-scenes life at Mapperton.

By showing you how to create the habits to take care of yourself every day, you’ll reach the health and happiness goals that have felt out of reach for too long.

And this doesn’t take long. Just spend 15 minutes a day and you’ll see massive, lasting results.

Here’s how it works:

On the first of the month your new content will load. Simply log in and you’ll see all of the new content for the themed series of the month.

Each day you’ll have access to even more support in our private Facebook group, where I share tips to help you stay motivated and host “ask me anything” chats.

Each month you’ll receive brand new yoga classes, podcasts, meditations and journalling exercises, exclusive to this community, plus some vlogs from life at Mapperton.

Weekly I’ll be checking into the Facebook group to see how you’re all doing and say hello!

Aside from the great content, some of the benefits of being a Whole Self member are:

It’s like having your own personal coach

Every month I’ll be serving up the best content to help you focus on progress. Each week I’ll be sending you reminders, support, and suggestions. And each day you’ll have access to a private Facebook community for support, questions, and inspiration when you need it.

Access to a supportive community

Sometimes you can’t do it all on your own, and you need a little feedback from people who know exactly what you’re going through. I created this private Facebook group so we can all lift each other up and provide the support we all need. I not only share behind the scenes of Mapperton and self-care, but I encourage everyone to share their journey with the group.

Easy access to the right education

There’s no need to scour the internet for the right answers. With a hectic life, I know you don’t have time to research and become an expert on everything. That’s why I create the best content and give it to you in small chunks – perfect for when you just have a few minutes free.

Whole Self Yoga with Julie Montagu in Mapperton Gardens


What the Whole Self community has to say…

I struggled for years and this really clicked

Whole Self is a great site to give you the tools of overall wellness. It focuses on the body and the mind. I have struggled for years with weight following countless diets, but it wasn’t until I focused on yoga, affirmations, and healthy plant-based meals that it really clicked for me. The Facebook group gives such wonderful support on whatever your goals or journey you want to take. It is truly the best money I have ever spent and it is so affordable for the wealth of knowledge you get. Julie Montagu is very inspiring and I am excited to see the future monthly topics. ~Carol

I finally found a place where I can be me

I absolutely loved it!  More importantly I finally found a place where I can be me without having to impress others or be shamed into not meeting my goals. You have cultivated an environment that supports those who are seeking more for themselves and learning to love themselves as well, no matter what. There are a lot of websites but honestly your videos and your recipes and meditations have inspired me to take better care of myself. It’s the best money I have ever spent!  Thank you for making it affordable and thank you for your time and love you share with all of us. ~Julie H.

How to get the most out of your life

Julie Montagu offers such great advice on how to get the most out of your life through affirmations, yoga and healthy recipes on the website. She is so inspirational because she is so down to earth. She understands the busy life women lead today and the many roles we have to juggle because she is doing the same thing!  Thank you Julie! ~Jodi

It's like we all have a personal coach

The monthly themes with weekly yoga poses, recipes, and affirmations provide a framework to help me determine what is important to promote self-care.  Joining the Facebook group (and this was the only reason I joined Facebook), allows me to share successes, ideas, questions, and fears to a safe group of supportive individuals from around the world. Having Julie respond to my questions, “like” my comments and provide live Facebook chats help all of us feel like we have a personal coach.  We feed off of Julie’s enthusiasm and excitement. This total package makes me WANT to live a healthier, happier life, and I thank Julie for providing the tools to help me achieve that goal. ~Cyndi

Julie star jumping

Membership options

You can choose from the following options for a Whole Self Membership. Subscribe monthly and cancel any time, or choose one-off membership and you will receive my Ultimate Guide to Health and Happiness online course (worth $170) absolutely free! I can’t wait for you to join me!

per month
Charges you every month and you can cancel any time you want.

  • New videos every month
  • Premium themed series
  • Exclusive vlogs with Julie at Mapperton
  • Special discounts for members
  • Access to the private Facebook group

Access to the full Whole Self Members library – over 300 videos!

We’ve been busy recording some fantastic videos on topics such as time management, taming your inner critic, self-love, nutrition, alleviating anxiety and much more!

Averting Anxiety Introduction
Julie Montagu at Mapperton
Yoga in Mapperton Gardens with Julie Montagu
Julie Montagu in the Mapperton kitchen garden

FREE! My Ultimate Guide to Health and Happiness course, worth $170!

As an added incentive to sign up to the one-off package, I’m offering my amazing Ultimate Guide to Health and Happiness course. Because the longest relationship you have in your life is with yourself so let’s take care of our health and our happiness – for life! And these two combined courses will help nurture, nourish and guide you towards the best version of yourself!

Included in Plant-Based Nutrition for Optimal Health

  • Introduction to Green Leafy Vegetables
  • How to cook and prepare five different types of green leafy vegetables
  • Which green leafy vegetables are the most nutritionally dense?
  • How to wash and store green leafy vegetables properly
  • How to cook five recipes that include green leafy vegetables
  • How best to incorporate green leafy vegetables into your diet
  • Green Leafy Vegetables Quiz
  • Introduction to whole grains
  • Recognizing whole grains and guidelines for standards
  • How to store whole grains
  • Which whole grains have the best nutritional value?
  • How to cook five recipes that include whole grains
  • How to incorporate whole grains into your diet
  • Whole Grains Quiz
  • Introduction to oils
  • What are unrefined oils and why are they good for you?
  • What are refined oils and why are they bad for you?
  • How to store and use different oils
  • How to cook five recipes that include unrefined oils
  • How to incorporate unrefined oils into your diet
  • Oils Quiz
  • Introduction to natural sweeteners
  • Which natural sweeteners are the most beneficial to your health and why?
  • How to use natural sweeteners in food preparation
  • How to store natural sweeteners properly
  • How to cook five recipes that include natural sweeteners
  • How to incorporate natural sweeteners into your diet
  • Natural sweeteners quiz
  • Introduction to superfoods
  • Which superfoods are the most beneficial and why?
  • How to select and prepare these superfoods
  • How to store these superfoods properly
  • How to cook five recipes that include superfoods
  • How to incorporate these superfoods into your diet
  • Superfoods quiz

Included in A Practical Guide to Happiness

  • Letting Go Introduction
  • Yoga for Letting Go
    • Pond Pose
    • Upward Facing Dog Pose
    • Supported Bridge Pose
  • Meditation for Letting Go
  • Positive Affirmations for Letting Go
  • Mindfulness for Letting Go
  • Your Diet and Letting Go
  • Recipes for Letting Go
  • Letting Go Quiz
  • Letting Go Summary
  • Self Love Introduction
  • Yoga for Self Love
    • Crossed Angle Side-Plank
    • Tree Pose
    • Lord of the Dance
  • Meditation for Self Love
  • Positive Affirmations for Self Love
  • Mindfulness for Self Love
  • Your Diet and Self Love
  • Recipes for Self Love
  • Self Love Quiz
  • Self Love Summary
  • Happiness Introduction
  • Yoga for Happiness
    • Sun Salutations
    • Camel Pose
    • Reclined Bound Ankle Pose
  • Meditation for Happiness
  • Positive Affirmations for Happiness
  • Mindfulness for Happiness
  • Your Diet and Happiness
  • Recipes for Happiness
  • Happiness Quiz
  • Happiness Summary

Frequently asked questions

The focus of everything I teach is how to care for yourself and develop routines that you can stick to each day. You’ll learn strategies for making time for yourself each month, you’ll get information on what’s best to eat and what’s best to avoid, and you’ll also learn different short yoga sequences. And each month you’ll learn new strategies to help you with the theme for the month.

No, once you join you’re a member from month to month until you decide to cancel.

I’d be sad to see you go, but you’re able to cancel anytime, no questions asked. If you want to cancel, you’ll do this through the ‘manage recurring payments’ section of your Paypal account.

Yes, all members can see some content from previous months.

I know how busy we all are. I promise, I do. I have 4 kids, a business, and I feel like I’m constantly being pulled in every direction. But I’ve learned how to show up for myself a little each day. And that’s what this site is designed to do. To give you the framework and short activities (all less than 10 minutes), that can fit in easily into your busy, hectic life. And if you have a particularly bad week where you just can’t get things done? That’s ok. You can just dust yourself off and look at the activities when you’re ready to start again. There’s no falling behind and no guilt. This is here to help you figure out how to make taking care of you and important part of your every day.

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